Pelosi: Biden Should’ve Said ‘Undocumented’ Referring to Laken Riley’s Story

‘But it’s not a big thing’

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PELOSI: "Now, he should have said 'undocumented,' but it’s not a big thing, okay? What’s the big thing about that?"
BASH: "I was — I actually wasn’t even going to ask about that. I was just going to ask more about the moment. But you do think that he should have said undocumented? That wasn’t going to be my question."
PELOSI: "Well, we usually say 'undocumented,' he said 'illegal.' I don’t think it’s a big deal."
BASH: "Okay."
PELOSI:" I don’t think it’s a big deal."
BASH: "But more broadly — "
PELOSI: "Because I think that his focus was on the sympathy for the family."
BASH: "Yeah."
PELOSI: "It’s a terrible tragedy."

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