Clinton: ‘I’m Running a Different Kind of Campaign’

‘It’s up to the people of Iowa, but I feel good about where we are’

BRZEZINSKI: “Hillary Clinton joins us on the phone. She’s on the campaign trail. I think she in South Carolina or somewhere. We’ll see her in person soon. But we’re so glad to have you on the phone. Welcome back to 'Morning Joe.'”
CLINTON: “Thank you, thanks, everybody. Glad to be back.”
BRZEZINSKI: “I don’t know. Are you?”
SCARBOROUGH: “Yes, she is.”
CLINTON: “I think we’ll know more in about, you know, five or six minutes.” (Laughter)
SCARBOROUGH: “Exactly. By the way, why don’t we start and we can figure it out. So obviously, Secretary Clinton, you’ve been here before. You’ve been in Iowa before. It was a tough slogging in 2008. What lessons did you learn from 2008 that are going to help you eight years later in this battle?”
CLINTON: “You know, Joe, I think that there are too big lessons that I have learned. First, I’m running a different kind of campaign. I have a great team on the ground. The people that are smart, committed, really reaching out to Iowans. I think, putting together the kind of organization that is needed in a caucus. I couldn’t be prouder of them because of the grassroots organization they’re building. And, look, I’m different. You know, I have served as secretary of state. I have a very clear sense combining the domestic side of my brain with the foreign policy national security side of it -- what we need from the next president. And this is — you know, this is always hard. We’ve got figure out how to get the economy moving forward helping the American people and how to keep our country safe, and continue to have strong leadership in the world. So I think that I have a deeper and in many ways, you know, more clear sense of exactly what’s going to be required, and I think the team I’ve put together is really doing a terrific job. So it’s up to the — it’s up to the people of Iowa, but I feel good about where we are.”

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