Scarborough: ‘Ridiculous’ People Asking Trump to Reveal What He Told NYT

‘This does not hurt Donald Trump one bit’

>> It's not negotiable about building it. 
>> Building? No. 
>> Mitt Romney tweeted another bomb shell. Trump should authorize the "New York Times" to release the transcript of his editorial board interview with the hash tag "What is he hiding?" And trump's opponents piled on. 
>> Apparently he told them what he really believes about immigration which sounds like what he told them was different than what he's telling you. Donald Trump should ask the "New York Times" to release the audio of his interview with them so that we can see exactly what it is he truly believes about this issue he's made the cornerstone of his campaign. 
>> The "New York Times" has a tape of Donald saying everything I'm saying on immigration I'm just saying because the voters like it. I don't intend to do anything. Donald, if you're sitting in that hat and telling the "New York Times" that you're lying to the voters, the voters have a right to know this. 
>> Mika, you know me. I just fell off the turnip truck coming in this morning. 
>> I saw that. 
>> Poor country lawyer. 
>> 48th street. 
>> Kind of dumb. But I thought off the record comments were off the record. First of all, secondly. I wonder if Marco and Ted would like all of their off the record comments that they have given over the course of this entire campaign released as well. 
>> Well, now -- 
>> This is -- this is ridiculous to -- I mean, first of all, for the "New York Times" to take off the record comments and then leak them just tells me, never have an off-the-record conversation with the "New York Times." 
>> Ever. 
>> They need to get a statement out. You know, I'm all big on, hey, get your statement out today. The "New York Times" needs to get a statement out today saying that this was inappropriate and their sources can be assured that, if they give them information off the record they will not leak it selectively when it -- when it adopts -- when it fits their political agenda. 
>> Okay. So because the "New York Times" is a news organization, maybe it's different, but I'm sure Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches were off the record, right? Right? 
>> Yeah. 
>> So should they be released? 
>> Is that off the record? I mean, that's -- 
>> I'm just asking. Just because it's not a news organization? 
>> No. That is -- it's completely different. 
>> Totally different. 
>> If I go to you and say I've got a great story to you but I have to tell it to you off the record, okay. Or if you ask me a question, why do you do this this way on the show, it doesn't make sense, Joe. I'll tell you off the record to give you sort of more of an understanding of the decisions that we make. I tell that to you. 
>> Exactly. 
>> You are able to write your story better. 
>> There is a certain amount of trust involved. You're right. 
>> You don't burn me just like I wouldn't burn you. 
>> Exactly. 
>> This "New York Times" thing is pretty astounding, isn't it? 
>> Kind of, yeah. Because that is a -- those are sort of sacrosanct. I'm not a member of the "Washington Post" editorial board but off the record -- it means it never happened, basically. You know, you don't -- you don't -- 
>> Only in a journalistic setting. 
>> You don't acknowledge publicly that such a meeting took place. There is an understanding that the editorial boards talk to the candidates. Everybody could assume that something like that happened. But no. It's -- off the record means off the record? 
>> In a journalistic setting. 
>> David, this feeds into what I was saying before. The media, the establishment, could not separate their personal feelings from the story. And so they never saw trump coming because they had so much contempt for trump. Here you have the "New York Times" supposedly the gold standard -- 
>> Right. 
>> -- Having information from an off-the-record editorial board meeting leaked. They would never do that in a million years to Hillary Clinton. They'd never do it in Marco Rubio. They'd never even do it to Ted Cruz. 
>> Not even in a billion years, Joe. 
>> Not in a billion years. But they're doing it to Donald Trump. 
>> It's a great journalism story. From time to time the "New York Times" will make pronouncements about its policies and the handling of on-the-record comments, background, off-the record, saying that we won't allow off-the-record dispensation to be granted to certain sources. Why was the "New York Times" having an off the record editorial session with a presidential candidate. Being that it's off the record, why is it leaking now? Who is leaking it at the "New York Times"? What's the policy with regard to attribution at the "New York Times." I tell you, if I was running the Donald Trump campaign every "New York Times" reporter on that plane would be off of it until and unless they clarify the attributional policies of the newspaper. 
>> I agree with you. 
>> And adhere to them. 
>> Every single "New York Times" reporter should be kicked off the plane, should not be given press access, anything until the editor of the "New York Times" explains to the candidate and explains to the readers exactly what happened here. And again, I know that there are some stupid people that are going to watch this going, oh, you're doing Donald Trump's bidding. No, we're not. 
>> This is exactly the mistake. It's the laughing at first, the scoffing, the disdain, the "Oh, my god, he can't do it." Then you're caught with your pants down being so wrong that you start doing things that are outside the realm of your editorial instincts and morals. Because you can't stand it. 
>> We have been saying this. Mika, Willie and I have been saying this since July or August. It's always the media's overreach that feeds right in to Donald Trump. 
>> Here is the other thing from a journalism perspective that I think is important. Off the record status in an interview granted affirmatively by a reporter is truly one of the last handshake business arrangements alive in America. Because I know with certainty that if I said to Eugene Robinson, I would like to say something off the record. Say I am a whistle blower and gene says, yes, I'm going to give you off-the-record status, I know that gene Robinson will go to jail before he discloses the source of an off-the-record attribution. It's a big deal. 
>> Everything we've just said is true. I really believe it. The one thing on the other side kind of unrelated issue but I have to mention it. The way trump treats the media at his rallies, I think is disgraceful. 
>> Horrible. 
>> The way he shouts at them and points at them and says that they're scum and all that. 
>> Right. 
>> All that said -- 
>> Here is the deal. If the "New York Times" is so repulsed by his horrible behavior say, we're not only going to not take anything you say off the record, we don't want to talk to you. 
>> There is the journalistic question and then there is the political question. This does not hurt Donald Trump one bit. It makes his case for him that the establishment is out to get us. We've got to win this election to defeat people like the "New York Times" and the establishment in Washington. 
>> It helps him. 
>> Steve Schmidt thank you very much. Gene, stay with us if you can. 

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