CNN’s Berman: ‘This Campaign Is Getting Very Tough for Hillary Clinton’

‘Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton with women 50 to 44 percent’

BERMAN: “Hello, everyone. I’m John Berman.” 
BOLDUAN: “I’m Kate Bolduan. We begin with breaking news right now. We’ve got a race, folks. Brand-new poll numbers just out from Monmouth University show that Bernie Sanders with his biggest lead yet over Hillary Clinton. This is in New Hampshire. A 14-point lead. Take a look. Sanders is now at 53 percent, Clinton 39 percent. Back in November, the same poll had Clinton leading by three points.” 
BERMAN: “He leads just about every group you can imagine, registered Democrats, 50 to 42. Two months ago, Clinton was in front. Independents, it’s 58 to 34. Seniors, it’s 50 to 44. Take a look at this. Women, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton with women, 50 percent to 44 percent. So how will Hillary Clinton respond today? We’re about to find out? She’s set to speak to Iowa State University. You’re looking at live pictures right now. This event scheduled to begin any minute. CNN senior political correspondent, Brianna Keilar, is there. Brianna, you know, trailing in New Hampshire now by a lot, Hillary Clinton is, barely out in front in Iowa. This campaign is getting very tough for Hillary Clinton.”
KEILAR: “It certainly is. And I think you can see by just how much she’s stepping up the attacks on Bernie Sanders in recent days. Something she really hasn’t done for her entire campaign. You can see how much concern there is in her campaign. “

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