Harold Ford Jr.: Comparing Bill Clinton to Cosby Is Totally Wrong

‘Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby’s cases are completely different’

SCARBOROUGH: “Let me ask you because I know that, you know, I think we’ve all said — this is what’s so interesting, The New York Times editorial that we’re talking about said Bill Clinton’s sexual past is Bill Clinton’s sexual past. America’s heard about it, they don’t care anymore. But this is about Hillary Clinton. She’s going out claiming to be a feminist, she’s going to have to account for how she’s treated or perhaps abused as [indecipherable] said bullied —“
BRZEZINSKI: “[indecipherable] didn’t stop.”
SCARBOROUGH: “— these women who were sexually harassed according to them. In the age of Cosby, which we all are now in, I wonder how the public look at bill Cosby and says, ‘this beloved man who changed American culture as much as any entertainment — entertainment figure in our life time is going to have to be accountable for the way he treated women behind closed doors. How does the public that has come to that conclusion say, ‘the Bill Clinton staffs OK and we’re not going to even examine the person who may have been in charge of what has been called the quote ‘sluts and nuts’ [indecipherable] of the Clinton campaign, where they said — their quote was ‘drag a dollar bill through a trailer park and it’s amazing what will happen.”
FORD: “Look, I’m not here to defend anybody’s past and some of these things. But the matter — the facts are pretty clear. Number one, his matters have been litigated. And I believe if the Republican Party wants to travel back down at past —“
SCARBOROUGH: “Has Hillary Clinton’s —“ [crosstalk]
FORD: “Let me finish what I have to say. The issue of Mr. Clinton’s sexual past —“ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “We’re not interested in that.”
SCARBOROUGH: “We’re not interested in that. We already said we weren’t.”
FORD: “But Joe, you can’t say, I’m not interested, that’s the [indecipherable], that’s the core of what we’re talking —“ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “No, it’s not.”
SCARBOROUGH: “No, no, no. Harold, I just said the New York Times editorial said —“
BREZINSKI: “You just try not to talk —“
SCARBOROUGH: “No, you know that. This is important because this is what Clinton defenders always do. They tried to distract. You know, at sexual harassment, they go ‘it’s just about sex, it’s just about sex.’”
BRZEZINSKI: “I will say that’s what you do.”
SCARBOROUGH: “No, it’s about sexual harassment in the workplace. This is not about Bill Clinton’s sexual actions as the New York Times said.”
FORD: “Raising your voice at me doesn’t make this right. Comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong. Two, Mrs. Clinton’s past should not be — Bill Clinton’s past —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Wait the second, I’m sorry, I actually —“
FORD: “But Joe, I can’t answer your question. If you do want to —“
SCARBOROUGH: “I do actually want to go back to number one, because I do — I am fascinated to hear — you’ve now fascinated — I am fascinated to hear why comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong.” 
FORD: “Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby’s cases are completely different and we can — I mean, look — so, Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual [indecipherable] more than 50 women. Now, unless you know of a different set if fact than I do, I don’t remember 50 different women coming forward saying if they were drugged by Bill Clinton and then take it advantage of. You and I both know —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Point taken.”
FORD: “— that the facts — the facts are very, very different. Two, I just don’t think if Bill Clinton’s political career was not undone by these things, why should Hillary Clinton’s career be undone by these things? Ultimate voters will make this decision — the two of you [indecipherable] decision and ultimate voters will make that decision. And you can very well be right. But some of these comparisons as I just think are unfair. Now again, I’m not defending Bill Clinton’s sexual past. He has to do that in apparently politically —“ [crosstalk]
FORD: “He did it successfully enough —“

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