Santorum Slams Cruz for Not Being a Social Conservative

‘There’s two issues here; number one is sort of libertarian streak that used to be very much of disqualifier within the conservative circles which is that we can’t fight these issues at the federal level’

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SANTORUM: “These few weeks heading up to the caucuses, this is when people do their homework and they’re going to see. There is an article in the Iowa Republican today, who, and he called that — basically Ted Cruz the Trojan Horse of social conservatism and these are the types of articles that you’re going to start to see and people are going to start to say, ‘Oh, wait a minute! He says he’s these but he’s not!’”
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SHAWN: “Well, that was presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum, tearing into Senator Ted Cruz for what he says, not being a strong enough as a social conservative. Well, the senator is asking voters to take a look at him as a leader to pushback on issues such as abortion, gay marriage and those new drug laws like marijuana. Can these attacks gain some traction? Senator Santorum joins us now from Johnston, Iowa, [indecipherable] to campaign leading under the caucuses in five weeks. Senator, good to see you on this morning.” 
SANTORUM: “Good morning.”
SHAWN: “Good morning. What do you mean when you attack Ted Cruz? I mean, the American Conservative Union gives him a 100 percent score, Heritage Action, 100 percent, The National Right to Life, 100 percent. You are taking some shots at him for some of his positions. Why doesn’t he pass muster in your view?”
SANTORUM: “Well, there is only two issues here; number one is sort of libertarian streak that used to be a very much of disqualifier within the conservative circles which is that we can’t fight these issues at the federal level, that they need to be dealt with at the state level. This is the Tenth Amendment argument that you hear a lot of. Rand Paul used that argument four years ago, and every social conservative group that I’m aware of said that we need someone who is going to stand up that the federal level and fight for these issues whether it is marriage or life or et cetera. And that’s really won — the issue of marriage, you know Senator Cruz and then frankly Rand Paul and others have said we’re going to let the states decide this, we’re not going really do anything at the federal level. That means if the states want to adopt same-sex marriage fine, if they want to adopt polygamy, I guess, that is fine or any other type of marriage. I don’t take that opinion. And I think most conservatives say that there’s a law, a higher law that people are accountable to — the natural law, the law of what is right and things that — thinks that are moral and just. Abraham Lincoln said, you know,  the state don’t have the right to do wrong. And that’s one element. The second element is really the element of judicial supremacy. And Ted Cruz is a very successful trial lawyer. And he gives a lot of credence to the courts. And, I think a lot of conservatives are really frustrated with judicial activism we see at the court and they’re looking for someone as a president to stand up when the court violates the constitution, to stand up to the court and say, ‘no, you can’t do that.’ And it’s incumbent on the president to act. Again, that’s another difference between where I think most conservatives are and the approach that he has taken on these issues.”

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