Graham: A Lot of People Like What I Say But Not Many People Hear It

‘My biggest problem is a lot of people like what I say, but not many people hear it’

BOLDUAN: "Can't you do more in pushing that conversation by being in the race than by leaving it there?"
GRAHAM: "To be a viable candidate have you to have finances and, you know, get on the big stage." 
BOLDUAN: "What's the final straw --"
GRAHAM: "My biggest problem is a lot of people like what I say, but not many people hear it. This whole process started in a strange way. You couldn't get on the main stage unless you poll at a certain level. If you never run before, that's pretty hard. If you don't come from a political family, that's hard. If you come from a small state versus a large state, that's pretty hard. If you've got a lot of money, you are going to do better. So here is what I would advise the Republican Party to do in the future: never do this again. Bottom line is people are coming my way in form of a more robust foreign policy. Jeb and Rubio and Marco are pretty much in the same realm. And I think Kasich and Christie. And Donald Trump talks tough and he's trying to act tough, and you know, if he gets to be the nominee, I'll give him my two cents' worth about a plan that I think can keep the country safe. I'll make another predictions. I think Hillary Clinton will adopt most of this before it's over with."

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