ABC’s Dowd: Sanders ‘Actually Could Beat’ Trump if ‘Donald Trump Is the Nominee’

‘He actually could beat somebody like Donald Trump’

ROBERTS: “[crosstalk] win Iowa, but then what? I mean, it doesn’t go anywhere.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Wait, if you win Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s a new race.“

ROBERTS: “No, no, no, no. If you win — but the — but then — still then what? I mean, you still have a 74-year-old Democratic socialist who is too far to the left to win a general election. And so what you have to figure out is if he’s going to be winning the Democratic nomination, is there somebody else?”

DOWD: “I actually don’t think he’s too far to the left to win the general election. In the course of America today, what we’ve seen in these course of these debates, there’s no conservatives left in the Democratic Party at all, and there’s no liberals left in the Republican Party at all. They’ve both bombed to the polarized ends of the spectrum. And if Bernie Sanders happens to win it, which I think is very difficult, he actually could beat somebody like Donald Trump, if Donald Trump is the nominee.”

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