Kasich: ‘Mark My Words,’ Trump Will Not Win

‘He’s not going to be a nominee; it’s not going to happen’


DICKERSON: “Joining us from Columbus is Republican presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich. Governor Kasich I wanted to ask you, you said that you’ve — you would be doing as well as Donald Trump if you were getting the find of gargantuan free media. Do you think having listened to that focus group you’d be doing as well with that group of voters?”

KASCH: “John, look, the people are very frustrated. As you know, as you’ve covered politics for a long time we need to fix problems. We’re not going to in this case them by yelling and screaming. Let’s just get — I don’t want to be promoting myself here to tell you the truth. But in balancing the federal budget, does anybody — you know how hard it was, you got to pull people together in both parties to get it done. You want to fix social security, you can’t bludgeon people into going along with it in the Congress. You want to provide for the national security and you need to rebuild the military you want to have a program that resolves a problem of encryption just can’t do it by yelling at people or you have to work together. I’m in this race for one basic reason. I know how to get the economy moving again and I know what we need to do with national security I just spoke at the council foreign relations I I’d encourage people to go on their website look at the speech. We’re not going to get anywhere until we’re able to get Republicans and Democrats to work together. And polarization and divisions is going to lead us down the wrong path. I get these people who are upset. I understand why they’re upset. I grew up in a community where people were always suspicious of the government or thinks that they didn’t deliver things. But we got to stay calm and we have to unite ourselves. You know what, we will. You mark my words. We will. Trump is not going to be president. And he’s not going to be a nominee it’s not going to happen.”

DICKERSON: “The people in their Republican primary process understand what the country needs”

KASICH: “That’s a focus group, John. Let’s not get carried away with putting handful of people in a room. I think in the end they get overwhelmed by people who say, we got to get things fixed. If they carry the day, we’re not going to get things fixed. People are worried about what we’re going to do with Medicare and social security. If you don’t get both political parties to recognize that or at least lower the warfare efforts by both parties. You don’t get it done. I’ve witnessed this throughout my lifetime, whether it was tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan working on social security or whether it was me and my friends working on balancing the feted real budget with Bill Clinton. People now want to know, how are we going to save social security? One party just can’t do it. And you can’t yell at legislators. I used to be legislators now I’m an executive I’ve had the perspective from both sides. John, I really do believe at the end people are going to say who can land the plane and who has got the experience. They’re frustrated, they’re upset. But you know what, over time people tend to settle down when they actually go into the voting booth and cast a vote for candidate to be president of the United States.”

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