Schumer: GOP Putting ‘Impossible Log Jams’ in the Path of Unemployment Benefits

‘This idea that [Americans] don’t want to work, that unemployment and benefits encourage them not to work, is balderdash’

SCHUMER: “Thank you, Mr. President. And I see what's going on here. Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle know the power of this issue, but don't really want to vote for it, and so they're putting impossible logjams in the path. Who would believe that on this side of the aisle we would delay an important part of the ACA that would hurt, as my colleague from Illinois and my colleague from Rhode Island brought out, parents who have kids with cancer? Not going to do that and not going to do it on the fly. And so what I’d say to my colleagues is if you believe in unemployment benefits and extending them, pass them clean and simple. Don’t play games. Don’t put obstacles in their path that you know would be insurmountable. Get it done."

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