Christie: Ben Carson’s Past ‘Is None of My Business’

‘He’s responsible for his own personal story’

KILMEADE: “First up, your reaction to the Carson controversy?”
CHRISTIE: “Everyone has to be responsible for their own personal story. There’s no way for you all to know our personal story unless we tell it.”
KILMEADE: “Are we wrong to look into it?”
CHRISTIE: “No. Listen, if you put your personal story out there, then you have an obligation to answer questions about it. If the voters are satisfied with Dr. Carson’s answers, that will be the end of the story. If they are not, it won't.”
KOOIMAN: “[indecipherable] he turned the tables and said this is made stream media scrutinizing me more than they ever did for President Obama and more they’re going for Hillary Clinton right now.”
CHRISTIE: “Listen, he’s responsible for his own personal story and if that is part of the answer, then that’s part of the answer. People evaluate that. None of my business. It's his business."

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