Trump on Rubio: Putin ‘Would Eat Him Alive’

‘I think he’s totally overrated guy’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "Marco Rubio is the toughest nominee for the Republicans. Why are they wrong?

TRUMP: “I don’t see it, I don’t see it. I’m not a fan and you know what — I’m doing —“

STEPHANOPOULOS: “You said he’s overrated.”

TRUMP: “Let me just — I think he’s overrated. And I’ve also said he’s a light weight. I think he’s a light weight. You know, I think Putin would eat him alive. I think he’s a totally overrated guy. I think Bush, his message was horrible the way he delivered it, but Bush had a much better message. Because he’s a guy that doesn’t show up to vote. He’s done — the way Bush delivers a message it’s so sad, but he had the message to deliver. If I’m talking about him not showing up to vote, if I’m saying that he’s weak on immigration, you know he’s very weak on immigration — you know he’s very weak and he was a member of the gang of eight, the gang of eight, you know what they were? There were Schumer and a whole group of people. Everyone come into the country. Please come in, take over our country, all of a sudden his poll numbers went down, he got out of the gang of eight. He’s very weak. This new gentleman that backing him, Singer —“


TRUMP: “— you got to look at that record. You take a look at that record. You take a look at what he stands for. I think Rubio’s personally — I think he is an overrated guy —“

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