Graham: ‘My Beef Is Not With’ Reince Priebus

‘Reince Priebus is a good friend ... my beef is not with him’

CAMEROTA: "Let's ask Republican Presidential Candidate Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator, great to see you this morning." 
GRAHAM: "Thank you."
CAMEROTA: "Is Sean Spicer right, do you still have confidence in the RNC?"
GRAHAM: "Well, I think we're moving forward in a - in a productive fashion. We have too many people on one stage and too few on the other. I don't mind being asked hard questions and challenging questions. I think some of the questions have been downright silly. And this thing has gone on too long. The second debate went on too long. The last debate was just a complete food fight. So we're trying to take control over the process and Reince Priebus is a good friend. My beef is not with him." 

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