Fiorina: I Am Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare

‘Hillary Clinton has never met a progressive idea that she didn’t like’

HASSELBECK: "You did take the opportunity there to kind of clear the deck and say, 'I have my sights set on Hillary Clinton. I'm her worst nightmare.' Hillary text this, 'Seems to me ten candidates, zero new ideas.' Did she miss yours?"
FIORINA: "Well, you know, Hillary Clinton has never met a progressive idea that she didn't like. And, it's kind of a lame comment, honestly. But I -- trust me, I am Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare."
FIORINA: "Why? Because, you know, we had a little exchange last night. Just as one example about how women are faring in Barack Obama's economy, how Hillary Clinton's policies actually impact women, actually impact all the people that she claims to want to be helping. We talked about crony capitalism last night. Every policy that Hillary Clinton proposes makes crony capitalism worse. So, you know, women are faring badly under progressive policies. The number of women, this is one example, who are now living in extreme poverty, is at the highest level ever recorded in this country. So, Hillary Clinton can talk all day long about being the first woman president, the truth is her policies are bad for women, and men, and all the people she claims to be helping."

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