Meyers: The Bush Family Wants Him To Be President, Not Him

‘They want him to go into the family business But Jeb — Jeb is Hermie the elf’

MEYERS: "The cut signaled a change in Jeb's strategy. When he first announced his candidacy, his plan according to Politico was to raise so much money that he would quote 'shock and awe opponents into oblivion.' Now it's more like, 'shock and aww,' because you kind of feel bad for him. At this point, even the Bush family knows these are troubling times and they need to get involved. This weekend, Jeb held a strategy session in Houston with his father, his brother and other supporters, and the Bush family is highly motivated to right this ship, as according to 'The New York Times,' more is at stake in this race then Jeb Bush's political career. The Bush name has been prominent in national politics for three decades, and a rejection of the younger son could be deeply wounding to a family proud of its role in American history. You know what, that explains something I felt for a long time watching Jeb's campaign. He doesn't actually want to be president. And now we know why. His family wants him to be president. They want him to go into the family business. But Jeb -- Jeb is Hermie the elf. You can tell him to make toys all you want. He wants to be a dentist. You be you. "

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