‘Morning Joe’ Panel: Hillary Says Things on TV She Knows Are Not True

‘This is one of the remarkable things about Hillary Clinton, she says things on television that she knows are not true’

BRZEZINSKI: “Who had a server in their basement? Oh, my God, that’s exiting —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “First of all that is not —. 
HALPERIN: “Ben Franklin.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Yeah, Ben Franklin again — no, the — the two things she said, just were not true. And this is one of remarkable thing —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Who had a server at the basement?”
SCARBOROUGH: “— about Hillary Clinton. She says things —“
BRZEZINSKI: “That are not true.”
SCARBOROUGH: —“ on television that she knows are not true, that her staff knows is not true, that the press knows is not true, that the people following the story know is not true. And — and —like for instance other people that Collin Powell didn’t have a private server he ran all State Department and classified businesses threw —“
BRZEZINSKI: “And then wiped.”
SCARBOROUGH: “— at his home in McLean. And then wiped”
WOODWARD: “Well that’s — that’s true. There are many unanswered questions on this, but you’ve got to look at her response. Laughter is not the best response. I think that really —“
BRZEZINSKI: “I thought it was the best medicine.”
WOODWARD: No, not when you are talking about a serious FBI investigation.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “You’ve got an FBI —“
BRZEZINSKI: “She doesn’t think it’s —“
SCARBOROUGH: “You’ve got an FBI investigation going on.”
WOODWARD: “Yeah. And it’s not something to laugh about.”
SCARBOROUGH: “She’s laughing at this.”
WOODWARD: But when she says it’s permitted, you know — when she was secretary of state, they could go — she could tell her driver go 150 miles an hour and in a sense that’s permitted because she could say it. That doesn’t mean you should go 150 miles an hour. And there is — there’s a problem in all of this and we’ve talked before. And I’ve likened some of this to the Nixon tapes. And I think that’s valid and it’s becoming more and more valid. It’s the volume. We’re talking about 60,000 e-mails. I mean let’s take any of our e-mails and look at all of them, and there is always, you know, we remember the smart things we said — we may have said, and we forget the dumb things, but tell me who has not said something dumb or inappropriate on her e-mails.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “But — also she says something that is just — it’s just so misleading and so wrong that I know you, of course, as much as anybody would know it. When she talks about and I can’t believe they’re still saying this. After the intelligence community, has knocked this, she said, well, nothing was marked classified at the time. That is the most ridiculous and aimed justification.”
WOODWARD: “It really is.”
SCARBOROUGH: “It really is, because what happened when the FBI found out what went through her server and the CIA found out, the State Department, they immediately said ‘Oh my God. We have to mark this classified.’ And they backdated it to the moment she tight some of these statements down. Because no — if she’s cree — if she’s generating a document at that moment that has classified information in it, and she sends it. Of course it’s not going to be stamped classified. If Sidney Blumenthal reveals the source, I think it was him, or — if somebody reveals the source of a human intelligence agent on the ground in a war zone in Libya, and it’s not marked classified, that doesn’t somehow make it right that it’s passes through her server and then it’s gets passed on somewhere else.”

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