Michael D’Antonio: Being Paid in Gold Bars Is ‘The Trumpiest Thing That I’ve Ever Heard’

‘Think about who might have 1000 pounds of gold hanging around’


D’ANTONIO: I’t really is the trumpiest thing I’ve ever heard. Like so many trumpy things, you really have to question the details and wonder, did this actually happen? And if it did actually happen, did it happen the way it is reported? Or at least the former president people claim. And lastly, who was involved? So think about who might have 1000 pounds of gold hanging around. Because that’s what a few dozen bars of gold way. And there weren’t a $15 million. So the other question is, who has made $15 million that he wants to hide in gold bars? Well we know what kind of people want to hide things like that. It’s people who are as Donald Trump said about immigrants, drug dealer. And criminals. And murderers. These are bad people that he has obviously was in business with.”

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