Fox Business: The Cost of Eggs Has Risen 40% Year Over Year and Is Expected to Continue Going Higher

‘Through the end of the year they’re expecting these prices to stay elevated’


ALWORTH: “Liz, that’s absolutely correct. So, of course, labor has increased, materials has increased, but the big thing that is driving eggs so much higher than any other food item is the avian influenza. This virus has been spreading across the U.S. and it is killing millions of egg-laying hens. What this means is the hens and their eggs that are left, they are jumping up in price. To give you some context for that price, a dozen grade A large eggs is going to cost you around $3.11 today. Last August, they cost you $ $1.70. Here at the Puglisi Egg Farms, they turn around 12.6 million eggs a week. And they cannot keep up with the increased demand. New potential customers are turning to them because when their supplier is hit with avian influenza, it can take more than six months for them to get back to the egg-laying business.”

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