American Majority CEO Ryun: Dems Want to ‘Bring a New Order in Which They Make the State All Powerful’

‘That’s been their goal for the last hundred years’

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RYUN: "honestly will if you were to take and look at the on American left, they’ve been wholly intent for the lastt century and now I think getting really aggravated at the slowness of the progress s o doing away with the old order of things. The constitution, republic, destroying all of that, destroying the old order to bring a new order in which they make the state all powerful. That’s been their goal for the last hundred years. And youro can really sense from them, will , that they theirin patience has worn thin. Enough is enough. People haven’t figured out what’sop best for them. We’re going to accelerate that process in which the American people will submit toad the administrative state, to the unelected bureaucratsmi, to the so-called elites who are supposedly going to lead us too progress, which in fact will is nothing but a very regressive path when you t look at these energy policies, extremely regressive . I would say. In fact, if we were to allow the green new deal and all these crazyma climate changepl policies to actually be implemented, it would causess massive damage not only to this country but worldwide. In fact, that’s an estimate that might even causeor a billio . It’sre incredible what they are trying to achieve and they’re wholly intent on trying to achieve it.”

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