Chuck Schumer: ‘Democrats Are Delivering’ for Americans with the Inflation Act

‘With this bill, we are going to deliver our promise to close loopholes exploited by big corporations and the wealthy’


SCHUMER: “A recent Navigator poll shows 65 percent of Americans approve of our plan to lower drug prices, keep premiums low and invest in clean energy. A Morning Consult poll found that over 70 percent of Americans, 70 percent, support letting Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices, which our plan will do. And another group, Data for Progress, found the Inflation Reduction Act had a net approval of 51 points. Large percentages of Republicans out in the country support this bill and its provisions. It’s not hard to understand why Americans feel this way. Democrats are delivering for them. We are prioritizing the middle class, working families, those struggling to get to the middle class, instead of what Republicans do, prioritize those at the very top.”

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