Watters Suggests Judge in Pelosi’s Case Is ‘Political,’ Took $100 Campaign Donation from Napa DA

‘The night before today’s hearing, the original judge just vanished’


[clip starts]
REPORTER: "The judge took a campaign contribution from you and the assistant district attorney. How is that not a conflict of interest?"
HALEY: "This matter, I believe I gave Judge Langhorn $100 in 2018. I have full faith and belief that she can be fair and impartial. And if the other side — in fact, if either side believes that that’s not the case, the California code has a procedure where we can move a judge out of that courtroom."
[clip ends]

WATTERS: "She says 2018 like it’s like 1918. Right? And $100 is a lot of money for a county judge. It's not like, you know, a presidential primary. And why would Papa Pauly want to move the judge? He got the judge he wants. This case couldn't be set up for him any better."

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