Watters to CHP: Paul Pelosi’s Crash Footage Can Be Released Today, Are You Going To Be Part of the Cover Up?

‘California highway patrol could release the footage today’


WATTERS: "California Highway Patrol could release the footage today, like this second. Ally said they could, but they won’t. Are they waiting for donations from Paul? Well, we were back on the phone today trying to get some transparency, and they said they’re working on it. So here’s the woman that runs California Highway Patrol, Amanda Ray. Remember Amanda, the commish? That’s her contact info. They don’t want you to call or text or email. But if you do, be polite. Ally says you can release the footage, Amanda. This is on you. Are you going to be part of the cover-up? What’s it going to be, commish? I surely hope this isn’t about money."

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