The Chris Salcedo Show Preamble: The Democrat’s Economy Poised To Crash

‘Our people are being hit full force by massive rate hikes all at once’


SALCEDO: "The Democrats' economy, it is poised to crash. That’s the focus in tonight's preamble. Most of the cable and broadcast networks, they are concerned with how a collapsing U.S. economy impacts the electoral prospects of their favorite party, the socialists in the Democrat Party. I couldn’t care less about the impact on Democrats or Republicans, their careers in Washington. As the ruling class, they appear to delight in playing games with our lives. I couldn’t care about that. I care about we, the people. Watchdogs on social media monitoring economic data reveal that home prices are collapsing at the fastest pace since 2008. We all know what happened back then, don’t we? A massive recession. Just like in 2008, the U.S. government is responsible for the economic calamity that is coming on the horizon. Because Joe Biden's regime lied, pretending that the inflation crisis was transitory, valuable time was wasted instead of methodical, logical and well-planned interest rate hikes that should have been spread out over these last two years. Our people are being hit full-force by massive rate hikes all at once. As a result, people can’t afford to buy homes and, as a result, housing inventories are rising at the fastest pace in history and are already at a level previously associated with deep recession and economic de-leveraging. From the financial sector to the trades, to those who produce products that go into building a house, every sector is poised for massive layoffs, unemployment always a lagging indicator when the economy takes a downward turn. So once Biden's Democrat economy takes your job, the socialists who make up the Democratic Party have another big surprise for you: food costs. They are forecast to go even higher."

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