KJP on Gas Tax Holiday: ‘If the Oil Refineries Do Their Part, We’re Looking at a Dollar Being Taken Off per Gallon’

‘That matters and we know it works’


JEAN-PIERRE: “So, I just want to step back for a second because this is very important. So, the President wanted to be sure and wanted to find a way to simply and straightforward, find a straightforward way to give consumers a relief at the gas pump. The next three months, this is three months, 90-day suspension on the gas tax, a gas tax holiday as we all know it’s called. And it’s an important time during when people are driving a lot around the country, visiting their families, going on vacation. And so, you know, it is important to give people a little bit of relief. If you think about it on the federal level, that’s 18 cents. He also called on states. We’ve seen some states — this is one of the states here, Maryland — do the same, an average — the average amount in states is about 30 cents, so already you’re at 48 cents right there, almost 50 cents. That matters for people. That matters for people like teachers, like health care aides, like construction workers, like plumbers, who spend a lot of time driving from one place to another as part of their jobs. That’s going to make a difference, and if the oil refineries do their part, we’re looking at a dollar being taken off per gallon. So that matters and we know it works. We know the policy works.”

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