Gutfeld: Colbert Staffers Were Let in the Capitol Like 95% of the People on Jan. 6th

‘They should suffer the same consequences’



PIRRO: "This was the same charge levied against the vast majority of those arrested on January 6th. A lot of those people have been in solitary confinement for months. A lot of those people have lost money trying to pay for a lawyer to answer the discovery that you need to in defending yourself. These people have to be treated the same way. You know, whether you’re in high school and you go to the principal’s office and all that, you know, we’re not dealing with kids. We’re dealing with people who figured we don’t have the right to do this, we were told several times we don’t have the right to do this, and yet they did it. So they should — they should suffer the same consequences. I mean, after all, don’t we have equal justice in America?"


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