Will Cain: Biden Admin ‘Shook the Foundations’ of Society

‘They took advantage of the opportunity and they metastasized the crisis and this national depression’


CAIN: “Build Back Better, $1.9 trillion, would be another $2.3 trillion if not for Joe Manchin. That causes then inflation. The policies then exacerbate the national malaise, which lies at the doorstep of Joe Biden. He says — by the way, Lawrence, you know what he says? He says, well, if it’s on me, why is it happening across the globe? And I’m going to tell you why it’s happening across the globe. Because the ideas of Build Back Better, which foundations sit on climate justice, reorganizing our economy — that’s their words, transforming our economy — were echoed in the U.K., in Canada, in New Zealand. It’s part of what was considered the Great Reset. Let this opportunity not go to waste. So what they did, Lawrence, is they shook the foundations of not just economy, but the society with this opportunity. And as such, while they shook the foundations talking about reimagining our history, our policing, our climate, they ended up with ripples at the surface. Inflation, higher interest rates, a stock market that’s now below 30,000. They took advantage of the opportunity and they metastasized the crisis and this malaise, this national depression.”

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