MTG: Jan. 6th Prisoners Are Suffering Human Rights Abuses, I’m Getting No Response for a Congressional Oversight

‘We are still getting no response whatsoever’

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TAYLOR GREENE: "Well, Laura, unfortunately I can’t tell you much because the mayor, Muriel Bowser, is refusing to allow me and other Republicans to go in and tour the jail. I've sent her a letter, I’ve called her, I've been to her office, and we are still getting no response whatsoever. And there are many Republicans that now want to go in and see the conditions of the D.C. jail. So, unfortunately, nothing has changed. These people are still being held in the same horrible, disgusting conditions. They are being held under deputy warden Kathleen Landerkin, who on her own Twitter account clearly hates Republicans, hates President Trump, even hates white men. This is a serious condition. These people, when I saw them, and this was months ago, they weren't shaven, they weren’t allowed to shave or get haircuts. They weren’t allowed to receive medical treatment. They weren’t receiving proper nutrition and they weren’t allowed to see their attorneys. They had to choose between going outside or calling their family. This is a real human rights abuse, Laura. It’s a process that is being completely violated, their due process rights are violated, and it should not be happening in our country."

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