Greenwald: Gov’t Is Threatening Big Tech to Follow Their Censorship Rules or Face Regulation

‘The reality is the whole time Democrats have been threatening big tech’


GREENWALD: “This is the critical part where listening to that, if that’s incredibly menacing and insidious come at the head attorney general essentially saying, directing private companies, Twitter, Facebook, Google, telling them you’re not allowed to air this kind of information that we regard as hateful or we regard — that’s not the government’s role. To be in arbitrating our political debates by instructing private companies on what they can and cannot do. This has been the most missed understood and most overlooked component of the big tech censorship which is Democrats always say if you complain about censorship, these are private companies and they can do what they want. Democrats never thought about private enterprise that way. But the reality is the whole time Democrats have been threatening big tech and the way you hurry to commit if you do not censor in accordance with what we want, we are going to impose regulatory and legal reprisals on you. This is coming from the government and not emanating from big tech.”

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