Cruz: Threats Against Pro-Life Centers Are Happening with the Encouragement of Dems

‘Unfortunately, today’s Democratic party is controlled by the radical left’


CRUZ: "Look, unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party is controlled by the radicals. They’re the party of criminals. They’re the party of violence. They’re the party of riots. They’re the party of threats and destruction. This radical group that is threatening terrorist conduct — let’s be clear — they’re threatening to attack, to burn, to murder people — and by the way, at pregnancy centers, pregnancy resource centers, these are centers that are helping moms who are pregnant with children to give birth to those children, and these radicals hate the fact that anyone would help a mom. You know, these radicals claim to be pro-women, but they don’t want to help a mom who is pregnant with a child actually give birth to the child and deliver the child into this world, and so they’re going to firebomb the clinic or the hospital that she would go to. And the terrifying thing, Sean, is this happens with the encouragement, with the acquiescence of the Democratic Party."

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