Crowley: The Left Is Pushing Policies that Originated From the KGB in the 1930s

‘It was originally a KGB operation to destroy the country’

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CROWLEY: "Well, you know, this has been a long-term project by the left, it actually began in the 1930s and it came out of the KGB. It was originally a KGB operation to destroy the country. And then after World War II, the Soviets actually changed their tactics. And what they decided to do, and it's been very effective for many decades, is infiltrate and grab control of the major pillars of U.S. life. So they grabbed control of the culture, so entertainment, movies, television, music, they grabbed control of academia at the university level, and now it's all the way shot down through kindergarten and even younger, and they grabbed control of the news media. So with those pillars they've been able to inflict tremendous damage over many decades. And now, Steve, we are actually at a tipping point where the useful idiots on the left that — you know, the Soviet Union collapses, the CCP then stepped in to take over this grand project to destroy the country from within. That is exactly what is happening. And now, when you've got useful idiots in the highest levels of power, including in the White House, including in Congress, you are seeing an acceleration of the tipping point, to the point where we're almost at the point of no return."

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