CNN Guest: GOP Will Make Americans ‘Go to a Mosque … and Start Shooting People’

‘These people will have blood on their hands, all of them: Carson, Trump and Ted Cruz’

CNN Guest: GOP Will Make Americans ‘Go To A Mosque … And Start Shooting People’ (The Daily Caller)

Journalist Rula Jebreal told CNN’s Don Lemon Monday that rhetoric bandied by Republican presidential candidates — including Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz — will incite Americans to “go to a mosque … and start shooting people.”

JEBREAL: Sadly, in the Republican base, this is what’s appealing to them today… What happened with Trump — we are discussing the first part of what was said and Trump endorsed, which was “We have a problem called Muslims.” But there’s a second part, “how to get rid of them.” In the realm of possibility, in a country that is very armed, that somebody that will be carrying weapon will go to a mosque tomorrow, or after tomorrow, and will start shooting people. And then these people will have blood on their hands, all of them. Carson, Trump and Ted Cruz.

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