Biden on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: ‘I Was Convinced There Was No Other Answer than to Begin to Invest in Our Country Again’

‘The bipartisan infrastructure bill, which I might add – I wrote the original one with my own paw’


BIDEN: "As I said earlier, through the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill — which I might add, I wrote the original one with my own paw; I wrote it. Sat down and wrote it because I was convinced there was no other answer other than to begin to invest in our country again. And we’re investing $25 billion this year to modernize American airports all across this country and across this state, not just here. And that includes $211 million this year in Oregon, $42 million being delivered this year alone — not just to modernize PDX but for 50 additional airports across Oregon, because you’ve got more than one, as you all know. And that’s in addition to the $20 million we invested in PDX last year."

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