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David Corn: Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and the Tea Party Have a Conspiracy Against the Fed
'You go from Ron Paul to Rand Paul; they've both targeted the Fed, because they don't like paper money'

“There’s a secret code here that Justin just referred to. When you talk about gold bugs and libertarians, you go from Ron Paul to Rand Paul. They’ve both targeted the Fed because they don't like paper money. They're gold bugs, and a lot of their followers have all sorts of conspiracy theories about the Fed, and some go even completely off the rails. And they've played up to this sort of paranoia, which is a component of the Tea Party right. So Rand Paul comes and says, I just want to audit the Fed. You know, he's not waging a war on Christmas. He has been waging a war on the Fed. And this is just a clever way of doing it, and trying to hold the Senate hostage to basically satisfy the paranoia he and his dad have been addressing for years.”

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