MSNBC: Poll Shows Dem Primary Now a 3-Way Race Between Clinton, Sanders, Biden

Geist: ‘We’ve heard unions, some African-American voters saying they want to wait to see what Joe Biden does before they get in’

SCARBOROUGH: "There is so much -- we talked a good bit yesterday about the Republican Party. This morning, boy, the news is all with the Democratic Party. And it starts with a shocker of a poll that was [indecipherable] until two minutes ago. And if this poll is a leading indicator, the Democratic race just got a lot more interesting."

BRZEZINSKI: "Brand-new poll numbers in the battle for the Democratic nomination is now looking like a three-way contest. The Bloomberg Politics poll shows Hillary Clinton at 33 percent, just eight points ahead of Joe Biden. The vice president edging past senator Bernie Sanders, 25 to 24 percent, not even in the race. Meanwhile, two top unions, including one who backed Clinton early in the 2008-cycle have decided to delay their endorsements."

SCARBOROUGH: "Let's look at those numbers. Mike, I am personally shocked that it has bunched up this quickly."

BARNICLE: “ am actually stunned at those numbers. I would never have guessed that -- 33-25. The vice president has shot up from nowhere without even announcing. The Clinton people I am told, are making a concerted effort to keep him out of the race by sending all sorts of signals that he will be vulnerable to this attack or that attack. But he is not even an announced candidate."

SCARBOROUGH “Willie, the unions now holding back as Mika just reported. They are waiting for Joe Biden.”

GEIST: "Yes. We heard Unions, some African American voters are saying they want to wait to see what Joe Biden does before they get in. I mean, the more these numbers come out, I know we can't see into Joe Biden's heart, but how can he not look at some of these polls and say, 'I can win this race' -- if you're Joe Biden sitting on the outside."

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