Pelosi on GOP and Planned Parenthood: ‘Shutting Down Government Is the Goal’

‘Shutting down government is the goal, defunding Planned Parenthood is the excuse’

UNKNOWN FEMALE: “Madam Leader, Republicans are now talking about dealing with the Planned Parenthood funding through a reconciliation process that would prevent Senate Democrats from filibustering it. Do you think you have the support with your colleagues to protect from a veto override if it does go to the president's desk?”

PELOSI: “Yes. Are there any other questions from our regular folks here?  Yes?”

UNKNOWN MALE: “I mean, to add on to Lauren's question, though, I mean, that seems to be more of a real way for Republicans to get at Planned Parenthood. I mean, you said you would have the votes to sustain this, the veto, if it came to that.”

PELOSI: “Yes.”

UNKNOWN MALE: “But still, that takes it a little further, if they take it outside of the appropriations process.  That seems like a bigger threat since there is a lot of this money in the entitlement area.”

PELOSI: “Well, yes, we can sustain the veto. It actually would be interesting to see if they really go to reconciliation, because while they don't like Planned Parenthood – and I can attest personally to the fact that for decades that I have been here they've been out to get Planned Parenthood, because they don't believe in family planning, and that is clear in their votes. They don't believe in family planning. It's hard for people to understand that, but that's what we're dealing with here. This isn't about terminating a pregnancy.  Everybody grants everyone their position on that subject.  But most people believe that family planning, most Catholics overwhelmingly believe that family planning is an appropriate practice. So if they're going after Planned Parenthood in the interest of where they are comfortable to do it, because they don't believe in family planning, they're really achieving their other goal, which is to shut down government. So I'd be interested to see if they would take it to the reconciliation knowing that we can sustain the veto. Because they really want to shut down government. And this is really shameful.  The last time they did it for 17 days.  I told you the loss to our economy was $25 billion, over 100,000 jobs.  Thirty percent of the government jobs are held by veterans. By veterans. And so shutting down government is the goal, defunding Planned Parenthood is the excuse, but it's a double purpose for them. So one way or another, under the appropriations process or the reconciliation process, they are going to have to face a Presidential veto, and we will sustain the veto.”

UNKNOWN MALE: “But don't you see the steps that Speaker Boehner's taking, talking about using reconciliation on Planned Parenthood, having these separate votes before he reveals a CR, I mean, don't you see those as steps that he's taking to avoid a shutdown over Planned Parenthood on a continuing resolution?”

PELOSI: “Well, if you're saying that it's going to be in reconciliation or you say it's going to be in the regular bill, it's still going to be vetoed.”

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