‘Will You Let Me Finish?’: Lemon Clashes with Matt Bevin over Kentucky Clerk

‘I’m not upset, I’m just trying to get you to answer the question’

‘Will You Let Me Finish?’: CNN Host Don Lemon Clashes With Republican Matt Bevin Over Kentucky Clerk (The Blaze)

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin clashed with CNN host Don Lemon Tuesday night over the county clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Lemon played Bevin a clip from “The West Wing” that shows fictional President Jed Barlett cite various Bible scriptures to show that some concepts have become outdated. The “CNN Tonight” host then asked Bevin to respond.

“Frankly, what you are asking me to do is make commentary on a television program. I’m talking about real-life issues,” Bevin said.


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