Acosta: New Charges Against Oath Keeper Founder Run Counter to What the ‘Murdoch Family Court Jester’ Tucker Carlson Has Been Saying

‘But these new charges run counter to what Tucker Carlson has been saying’


ACOSTA: "Not a lot of oath keeping going on there. Now, Rhodes has been charged with seditious conspiracy. He has pleaded not guilty. But these new charges run counter to what Murdoch family court jester Tucker Carlson has been saying, that this wasn't an inurrection. Where are the sedition charges, he has asked."

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CARLSON: "Oh, it was an insurrection. So how many of the participants in that insurrection have been charged with insurrecting, with sedition, with treason? Zero, by the Biden Justice Department, said they’ve been charged with effectively trespassing."
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ACOSTA: "I guess Tucker forgot about the previous court documents entered in the Oath Keepers’ case showing what appears to be gun cases being moved around that hotel in Virginia.”

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