Keith Kellogg: It Seems Like Biden’s Always a ‘Step Behind when It Comes to National Security’

‘The nation is a step behind’


KELLOGG: "Thanks, Sandra. Thanks for having me. Yes, I do. Look, I think the indicators now are really starting to grow. It's not so much the cyber attack, which I think is a rehearsal to what may happen, but I think the talks that happened this last week with the Russia-U.S. bilats and the NATO talks, the OSCE talks have broken down, they didn't really go very far. There's a big tell, they're starting to move logistics forces as well going forward, not just aviation. But when you start moving logistics forces in, that means you are really getting closer to doing some type of dramatic military operation and I think they are going there. I think they're looking at taking a hunk out of eastern Ukraine to give themselves a huge land bridge between Crimea and Russia proper, so just the bridge over the Black Sea. So I think they are really gearing up to go and I think it should be very, very worrisome. My concern is that I don’t think we are taking it very seriously. And what I mean by that is President Biden, it seems like he’s always a step behind when it comes to national security and I think this is a huge instance where he is, in fact, and the nation is a step behind."

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