Ronna McDaniel: We Want to Debate, We Just Won’t Through an Organization that Won’t Commit to Fair Debates

‘We want fair debates’


McDANIEL: "First, let’s be clear, we want debate. We want fair debates. We now Republicans win when we have a fair debate. But the CPD has had a history of bias going back from Donna Brazile giving up questions to Hillary Clinton to Candy Crowley, but this year they picked a moderator that worked for Joe Biden, they started debates while after voting had started, and they had committee members openly criticizing our nominee. And those were three things that we asked for them to say to 74 million Republicans we are not going to allow. They refused, and so we need to start a process to give our nominee eating the right for a fair playing field when it comes to debates, and that’s why we’re doing this now. We absolutely want debate. We are just not going to go for or an organization that will not commit to fair debate."

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