Australia Revokes Novak Djokovic’s Visa for a Second Time

The Australian government on Friday cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa for a second time, saying the Serbian tennis star may pose a risk to the community as he was unvaccinated for COVID-19


PEARCE: "Yeah, well, it is a twist, isn’t it, that we’ve been waiting for quite a few days now, since Djokovic had that first win in the courts, more on procedural grounds, a few days ago and. It’s just — it came through in the last hour that Alex Hawke, the Minister of Citizenship, has finally decided to cancel the visa and the basis was in the public interest to do so, on health and good order grounds. But really what that means is, on the basis of probably two factors, firstly on the grounds that the recent infection of COVID-19, as has been represented by Novak Djokovic, the federal government never considered that reason to be able to come into Australia unvaccinated. And secondly, they do have this second reason to cancel a visa — I don’t think they would cancel it just on these grounds at all — that he filled out his papers incorrectly on coming into the country. He's since apologized for that, but I don’t think that alone would be grounds for cancelling the visa, but we haven’t had the exacts of the decision yet. But it seems as if the federal government is comfortable that it will have a very, very strong case should Novak Djokovic's legal team, as they have indicated, that they would challenge this as soon as this decision came through. But it literally came through in the last hour, so it’s unclear at this stage what — what the next event will be in this long-running saga."

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