Jonathan Lemire: There Is No Expectations Voting Rights Will Pass

‘The White House aides have said they expect special appeal from the president’


LEMIRE: “Now Senate majority leader Schumer, through a quirk in Senate procedure, is going to be calling to have roll call votes on these two pieces of legislation in the coming days, therefore people will have to be on record to say where they stand, which certainly the Democrats, hopefully they'll use it as a potent political weapon against Republicans. But there's still no expectation that this will pass because it will then require 60 votes and they're anywhere near that. But this is the White House responding to growing agitation from members of their own party, from civil rights groups saying, 'We want to hear more from the president on the issue of voting rights.' MLK Day, holiday on Monday, it looms, and a number of civil rights groups have said, 'Look, if we don’t see some progress by then, you are going to be hearing from us and we can't guarantee you our support this November.' So whether this is enough for them remains to be seen."

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