Michael Fanone: ‘We’re Still Engaging in the Same Violent Rhetoric that Resulted in Jan. 6’

‘I’m disappointed by our lack of progress’


FANONE: "Yeah, it was something else. I mean, it was a difficult day. It was a difficult year. But reflecting on that now, it's like a — it's a mixed bag for me. In a lot of ways, I’m incredibly proud not only of my actions that day, but the actions of countless uniformed law enforcement officers. I’m also incredibly proud of the efforts by the FBI, other agencies who have really pursued justice, not just for us but for the entire country. But at the same time I’m incredibly disappointed. I’m disappointed by our lack of progress as a country. We’re still engaging in the same violent rhetoric that resulted in January 6th. We still are experiencing a cultural war, deep divisions. And in a lot of ways, I think our politicians have doubled down on the words and actions that led to an insurrection."

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