Miller: Hillary Clinton Complaining About Disinformation Is Like Bernie Madoff Complaining About Honest Accounting

‘Hillary Clinton has been the single greatest history of our country’


MILLER: "Well, Hillary Clinton complaining about disinformation is like Bernie Madoff complaining about honest accounting. The truth is that Hillary Clinton has been the single greatest purveyor of disinformation in the history of our country. What she did to this democracy, what she did to President Trump, what she did to the administration, to our nation for four years by peddling this Russia collusion hoax, it’s criminal. And I pray, I pray that with the Special Counsel now, Durham, that there will be accountability that includes Hillary Clinton and we can finally, finally get to the bottom of the specifics of her role in foisting this terrible, terrible hoax onto our nation and taking from our citizens their own time from the government they elected to do the people’s business."

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