Turley: Video Evidence in Arbery Trial Transcends Legal Arguments

‘You can’t get a jury to unsee these types of indelible images’


TURLEY: "Yeah — no, I haven’t. Reminds me in part about the Rittenhouse trial where the prosecutor actually elevated people like Mr. Rosenbaum to a hero status while describing him as engaging in rioting to a Kenosha jury. But this is far more serious. It wasn’t just gratuitous. Many people took it as a very racist point to make against a defendant. It was clearly something that it was not just his mother that gasped. All of us sort of gasped with that with that reference. It doesn’t play well with jurors nor should it. But the other thing about the defense is they had a very difficult time. Because much like the Rittenhouse case, there was a videotape. And videotape evidence has shown over and over again that it transcends a lot of the type of legal arguments that you can make. We saw that in Derek Chauvin, we saw that in Rittenhouse. You can’t get a jury to unsee these types of indelible images."

(via Fox News)

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