Reid: ‘Professional Right-Wing Trolls’ Who Are Also Political Reps Are Fighting Who Can Get Kyle Rittenhouse as Their Intern

‘Kyle Rittenhouse, hero or vigilante?’


REID: "Now to the question dividing America: Kyle Rittenhouse, hero or vigilante? Days after Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges including double homicide, the American right, including some of the most craven openly inflammatory bomb throwers in the Republican Party celebrated the gunning down of three fellow Americans, leaving two of them dead, like it was the Super Bowl. Some of these professional right-wing trolls who get paid with your tax money as political representatives are now fighting over who gets to hire Rittenhouse as an intern, keeping in mind members of his own family wouldn't intern for Paul Gosar because they believe he's an unstable white nationalist. And then we saw Republican Hitler tourist Madison Cawthorn react to the verdict by, what else, encouraging more violence."

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