Christie Rips O’Donnell: ‘There Is No Purpose’ Talking About Donald Trump

‘Here we are sitting this morning for three or four minutes already and all you are doing is asking about Donald Trump’


O’DONNELL: “You certainly don't agree with Donald Trump on a number of issues, I assume.” 

CHRISTIE: “Of course, listen –“

O’DONNELL: “So why has there been a reluctance by so many of the other candidates to take on Donald Trump.”

CHRISTIE: “Listen. For me -- I can only speak for myself. It's my job to introduce myself, my ideas, my programs, my vision of leadership to the American people. It's not my business to be sitting here even though here we are sitting here this morning for 3 or 4 minutes already and all we're doing is asking about Donald Trump. I'm not going engage in that. There's no purpose to it.” 

O’DONNELL: “But governor, you have been chairman of the Republican Governors Association.” 


O’DONNELL: “You helped more Republicans get elected. You care about the party.” 

CHRISTIE: “I do.” 

O’DONNELL: “I know you do.” 

CHRISTIE: “That's why I'm running for president because I care about my country.” 

O’DONNELL: “So if you feel that someone in your party is misrepresenting the views of your party, why wouldn't you say so forcefully?”

CHRISTIE: “Because there's no one particular person that represents on that stage the party right now. Norah, that's what the process is all about. And as this process continues, we're in August, we are in August. And as this process continues, people are going to emerge as the leaders of our party. So let's not anoint anybody as the leader of our party when we're 5 1/2 months away from anybody even voting yet. And so it's my job to make my case to the American people about the things I hear them being concerned about. That's why I’ve done more town halls in New Hampshire than any other candidate, any of them, it’s not even close. I’ve done 18 town hall meetings already in New Hampshire. And what I’m hearing from folks is they think the immigration system is out of control in this country, that they're worried about student debt and that they're scared to death they're going to be killed by a terrorist. Now, if we think that's a better position than we were in seven years, then it's not the America that I remember. Those are the things I'm going to focus on not talking about polls and Donald Trump.” 

O’DONNELL: “Are ad hominem attacks appropriate? Calling people bimbos, telling people to go back to some place? “

CHRISTIE: “Listen. I think that question answers itself.”



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