Facebook VP of Global Affairs: We Can’t Place Safeguards Alone, It Does Need Action from Lawmakers as Well

‘I mean, we invested $13 billion in recent years in how to keep people safe’


CLEGG: “But I think if there’s any silver lining to this week is that maybe we can now move beyond the slogans, the sound bites, the simplistic caricatures, and actually look at solutions and, yes — and, of course, regulation. There are certain things that only lawmakers can do. Only lawmakers can amend Section 230. Only lawmakers can introduce federal privacy legislation. Only lawmakers can introduce laws to protect our elections and so on. And that's not a substitute for the responsibility that Facebook has got as we do to continue to invest as we do on a huge scale. I mean, we invested $13 billion in recent years in how to keep people safe and to sort of safeguard the integrity of our platform. To put that in context, that's more than the total revenue of Twitter over the last four years. So, we will continue to do that. But in the end, we can't make all of these decisions and provide all of these societal solutions on our own. That does mean — or does require lawmakers to act as well."

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