Trump: ‘We’re a Country of Laws; We’re a Country of Borders’

‘How can you have a country without a border?’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “You declare how you’re going to do it, but you don’t say how.

TRUMP: “George, I’m telling you, it’s called management. You can do this and we can expedite the good ones to come back in. And everybody wants that. But they have to come in legally. We have a country, we have to have -- we’re a country of laws. We’re a country of borders. How can you have a country without a border? How can you have a country without laws? We have to do it. And by the way, what you said in your piece initially is the gang members. You look at the gang members in Baltimore, Chicago, in Ferguson, these people, a lot of them, are illegals. These are rough dudes. And we’re going to get them to hell out fast.”

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