W.H.’s Psaki Defends Teachers Unions Referring to Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’

‘These were threats against public servants, threats against members of the school board’

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DOOCY: “A week ago, the National School Boards Association wrote to the President to say that their teachers feel like some parents protesting recently could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism, and then the Attorney General put the FBI on the case. So does the administration agree that parents upset about their kids' curriculums could be considered domestic terrorists?”

PSAKI: “Well, let me unravel this a little bit because the National School Boards Association is not a part of the U.S. government. I'd point you to them. What the Department of Justice said in a letter from the Attorney General is that 'threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values.' That is true. These were threats against public servants, threats against members of the school board. Regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against public servants is illegal. That’s what he was conveying from the Department of Justice."

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