Jon Meacham: If Biden Cannot Get the Vote on Infrastructure Bill, He’ll Will Have a Tough Time

‘If they can’t come to a deal on this then President Biden has a tough time making a case for what he believes’


MEACHAM: “And I understand if you're a progressive Democrat, you're thinking, 'Wait a minute, this whole other party is just this implacably opposed illiberal, non-reasoning force. Why do we have to give in? Why do we have to compromise on everything?' Well, in this case, history and experience have put the fate of the Constitution in your hands. And so that’s why. This is not about politics. This is not a fiscal cliff. This might be a constitutional cliff. It’s really tough. You've had to cast votes and you've had to face voters and I haven't, and it’s easy for people like me to wax on about 'we the people,' I understand that. But I really believe that if these bills — which are immensely popular, parenthetically, with the American people, right, each element — if you can't get this done, if the left on one side sinks it or if Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema, who have become two o the most important people in the Western world, you know, since Hobbs and Locke, Western liberalism has not had so much riding on two people, if they can’t come to a deal on this, then President Biden has a tough time making a case for what he believes."

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